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Added on 08-Jan-2000

Queen have scored a number 27 and 86 in VH1 list of the 100 greatest rock songs.A panel of 700 voters were assembled

assembled by the music network VH1.

'Bohemian Rhapsody' came in at number 27, with 'We Are The Champions' at 86.

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The complete list is as follows:

1. ''(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction,'' The Rolling Stones.

2. ``Respect,'' Aretha Franklin.

3. ``Stairway to Heaven,'' Led Zeppelin.

4. ``Like a Rolling Stone,'' Bob Dylan.

5. ``Born to Run,'' Bruce Springsteen.

6. ``Hotel California,'' the Eagles.

7. ``Light My Fire,'' the Doors.

8. ``Good Vibrations,'' the Beach Boys.

9. ``Hey Jude,'' the Beatles.

10. ``Imagine,'' John Lennon.

11. ``Louie Louie,'' the Kingsmen.

12. ``Yesterday,'' the Beatles.

13. ``My Generation,'' the Who.

14. ``What's Going On,'' Marvin Gaye.

15. ``Johnny B. Goode,'' Chuck Berry.

16. ``Layla,'' Derek and the Dominos.

17. ``Won't Get Fooled Again,'' the Who.

18. ``Jailhouse Rock,'' Elvis Presley.

19. ``American Pie,'' Don McLean.

20. ``A Day in the Life,'' the Beatles.

21. ``I Got You (I Feel Good),'' James Brown.

22. ``Superstition,'' Stevie Wonder.

23. ``I Want to Hold Your Hand,'' the Beatles.

24. ``Brown Sugar,'' the Rolling Stones.

25. ``Purple Haze,'' Jimi Hendrix.

26. ``Sympathy for the Devil,'' the Rolling Stones.

27. ``Bohemian Rhapsody,'' Queen.

28. ``You Really Got Me,'' the Kinks.

29. ``Oh, Pretty Woman,'' Roy Orbison.

30. ``Bridge Over Troubled Water,'' Simon & Garfunkel.

31. ``Hound Dog,'' Elvis Presley.

32. ``Let It Be,'' the Beatles.

33. ''(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay,'' Otis Redding.

34. ``All Along the Watchtower,'' the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

35. ``Walk This Way,'' Aerosmith.

36. ``My Girl,'' the Temptations.

37. ``Rock Around the Clock,'' Bill Haley & His Comets.

38. ``I Heard it Through the Grapevine,'' Marvin Gaye.

39. ``Proud Mary,'' Creedence Clearwater Revival.

40. ``Born to Be Wild,'' Steppenwolf.

41. ``Smells Like Teen Spirit,'' Nirvana.

42. ``Every Breath You Take,'' the Police.

43. ``What'd I Say,'' Ray Charles.

44. ``Free Bird,'' Lynyrd Skynyrd.

45. ``That'll Be the Day,'' Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

46. ``Whole Lotta Love,'' Led Zeppelin.

47. ``Dream On,'' Aerosmith.

48. ``California Dreamin','' the Mamas and the Papas.

49. ``Brown Eyed Girl,'' Van Morrison.

50. ``Wild Thing,'' the Troggs.

51. ``Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,'' Crosby, Stills and Nash.

52. ``Beat It,'' Michael Jackson.

53. ``Great Balls of Fire,'' Jerry Lee Lewis.

54. ``Stayin' Alive,'' the Bee Gees.

55. ``For What It's Worth,'' the Buffalo Springfield.

56. ``Blowin' in the Wind,'' Bob Dylan.

57. ``Twist and Shout,'' the Beatles.

58. ``Piano Man,'' Billy Joel.

59. ``She Loves You,'' the Beatles.

60. ``Space Oddity,'' David Bowie.

61. ``Strawberry Fields Forever,'' the Beatles.

62. ``Kashmir,'' Led Zeppelin.

63. ``Crazy,'' Patsy Cline.

64. ``London Calling,'' the Clash.

65. ``Jumpin' Jack Flash,'' the Rolling Stones.

66. ``Rock & Roll,'' Led Zeppelin.

67. ``Let's Stay Together,'' Al Green.

68. ``All Shook Up,'' Elvis Presley.

69. ``Maggie May,'' Rod Stewart.

70. ``Your Song,'' Elton John.

71. ``Heartbreak Hotel,'' Elvis Presley.

72. ``God Only Knows,'' the Beach Boys.

73. ``The Twist,'' Chubby Checker.

74. ``Good Golly, Miss Molly,'' Little Richard.

75. ``Sunshine of Your Love,'' Cream.

76. ``California Girls,'' the Beach Boys.

77. ``Summertime Blues,'' Eddie Cochran.

78. ``Blue Suede Shoes,'' Carl Perkins.

79. ``A Hard Day's Night'' the Beatles.

80. ``Fire and Rain,'' James Taylor.

81. ``Gloria,'' Them.

82. ``Sexual Healing,'' Marvin Gaye.

83. ``Start Me Up,'' the Rolling Stones.

84. ``More Than a Feeling,'' Boston.

85. ``Roxanne,'' the Police.

86. ``We Are the Champions,'' Queen.

87. ``Tangled Up in Blue,'' Bob Dylan.

88. ``Somebody to Love,'' Jefferson Airplane.

89. ``S

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