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Added on 25-Aug-2008

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY: There wasn't a whole lot of new software at Leipzig ? although, of course, it was the first time that most Europeans got a glimpse of the games we saw at E3 in July. But there were a few intriguing new titles that we'll probably see in the U.S. as well.

Sony led the way, again, with "Heavy Rain," a moody PS3 thriller from "Indigo Prophecy" developer Quantic Dream. The company also scored with "EyePet," a virtual critter that reacts to your movements through the PlayStation Eye camera attachment. One game, however, that's not likely to cross the Atlantic is "SingStar: Queen" ? as in the rock band Queen. The "SingStar" karaoke series has never quite caught on stateside, but who wouldn't want to sing like Freddie Mercury?

Konami offered an intriguing new action game, "Lords of Shadow," which it described as "a dark fairy tale" and "an epic battle between good and evil" set in the Middle Ages. Sega has revamped its zombie-hunting franchise with "House of the Dead Overkill," which has the flavor of a missing episode from Quentin Tarantino's "Grindhouse." And Ubisoft has something for fans of "Super Monkey Ball" and "Ape Escape": the virtual pet we've all been waiting for in "Monkey Madness."

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