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Added on 05-Nov-2005

Vote for Queen in the Radio 2 top 2000 poll. We want Bohemian Rhapsody at number 1 once more!!!To vote for Queen, go to this site:

then you see a list, search for Queen and click the song you want to choose. Then push "voeg toe".

You have to choose at least 3 songs (maximum of 10 songs)

After you have done this push "verder"

then you'll see the list of songs you've chosen, push "verder" again

If you want to you can fill in why you like one particular song so much. But that's not really necessary.

Fill in your name at: "naam"

Fill in your e-mail at: "e-mail"

Then push "verder" again.

Then you're done.

Thank you!!!!!

Submitted by: queen_forever_87

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