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Added on 06-Sep-2005

Voting for Queen in polish Antyradio 94fmVoting for Queen in polish Antyradio 94fm

voice: Bohemian Rhaposdy Queen on email

We are voting through the entire week i.e. every day one email!!!

Results on Friday.

Results from 2-09-2005

1.SYSTEM OF A DOWN-'Chop Suey' (0)

2.OZZY OSBOURNE-'Purple Haze' (+1)

3.ALICE IN CHAINS-'Rooster' (-1)

4.ACID DRINKERS-'Another Brick In The Wall' (0)

5.GOLDEN LIFE-'Kocham Wolnosc' (+1)

6.METALLICA-'For Whom The Bells Tolls' (+3)

7.QUEEN-'Bohemians Rhapsody' (new)

8.MONSTER MAGNET-'See You In Hell' (-3)

9.CREED-'Riders On The Storm' (-2)

10.KAZIK-'Artysci' (new)

Submitted by: Dagmara

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