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Added on 29-Oct-2005

WATC And Under Pressure Played on VH1's I Love The 80's, 1989 On Friday 10/28/2005Queen's ''We Are The Champions'' was played last night, Friday 10/28/2005 on VH1's TV show, ''I Love the 80's In 3D'' for the year 1989. They were discussing some huge football game for that year and played WATC during the footage.

Then, during the same program, there was a silly segment about a fad in 1989, where celebrities were shaving wacky designs into their cupcake style hairdos, one being Vanilla Ice, and so of course, they showed a clip from Ice's video, ''Ice, Ice, Baby'' with the signature bass guitar/piano riff from Queen's ''Under Pressure''.

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