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Added on 30-Nov-1999

"We Are The Champions" has won the BBC On-line poll as to which song should be played at the Millenium Dome opening.The contents of the BBC article are as follows:

Queen's Dome anthem boost

Will the Queen be treated to Queen?

BBC News Online users want Queen's We Are The Champions to be the rock anthem at the Millennium Dome's New Year's Eve party.

The 1977 hit is one of eight songs being considered by organisers to be played at 2345 GMT on 31 December, just before the Queen officially opens the Dome.

A four-man panel of English National Opera boss Paul Daniel, Dome party organisers Mark Fisher and Michael Lockett and musician Jools Holland will have the final say on which song is chosen.

Former Squeeze pianist Holland will be performing himself on the night.

But News Online users, who voted on the eight-strong shortlist - had some advice for them: choose Queen.

Freddie Mercury in 1988: Bohemian Rhapsody was also a favourite

"It is the ultimate anthem for the beginning of a new millennium. Sheer brilliance in musicianship and an important, uplifting message," wrote Rachel Brown in the UK.

Meanwhile, Rosie Lane called it "an optimistic and truly British anthem in every sense".

"The song unites people in an uplifting way and everyone knows the words! The UK produces the best rock music in the world and Queen prove to be amongst the most popular in all music polls. It is definitely the most appropriate song for the occasion."

Many users also felt playing Bohemian Rhapsody would be an appropriate way of seeing out 1999 and welcoming in 2000.

In second place came The Beatles' All You Need Is Love, closely followed by John Lennon's Imagine.

"The music that nurtured a generation continues to do so

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