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Added on 10-Apr-2002

YES, It arrived! The Wembley 86 DVD from Brazil! It took 2 weeks for it to arrive through the mail, so thats not so bad :-) I examined the DVD carefully and closely, details in a minute, first overall impression:Splendid picture, good clear sound, besides the 77 mins concert

(like on the VHS version) the DVD also contains english and

portugese subtitles, discography, biography (both in portugese),

stereo and dolby digital 5.1 sound and a photo-galerie.

Ok, now the details.

I suspect that it is indeed a bootleg, taken from laserdisc.

My widescreen TV is 32inch and I can zoom 2x, so that shows so much

detail that you see that the picture is slightly blurred at such a zoom.

An original DVD would stay quite sharp. Though on a normal size TV you would

hardly see the difference, since the screen would be smaller and normal TV's

have no zoom. Even on my large TV I had to look carefull to see the differenc!

The sound: specially on a Dolby Digital system it sounds clear and bright, but

it's not perfect DD 5.1 mix. It sounds more like DD surround sound.

For example: on my Genesis dvd the sound of the audience is separate and lead

to the back speakers so that it feels like your in the middle of an audience,

in this case it looks like they mixed out the vocals and lead the rest to the

backspeakers, just like they do with dolby surround.

The menu's are nice and you can choose english subtitles, look at

photo's, and if you can read portugese, then you also can read the biography.

The discography is a series of pics from the album covers.

The cover of the DVD is printed well, not a simple print for a laserprinter

or so. The little photo's on the cover are "printscreens" from the video,

they are quite sharp so they did their job well :-)

The print on the disc itself looks like the print they did for the

"A day at the stadium" audiocd bootleg, seems this way of printing on

the top of a disc is typical for bootleg cd's :-)

Conclusion: it CAN be done better, not amazing since Queen Productions

owns the original recordings :-) But for a bootleg DVD this is very good

and deserves a recommendation! It's region free so you play it everywhere

in the world.

If you are VERY patient, then you can ofcourse wait for the official release

but if it will ever come out on DVD....? As long as Queen Prod. doesnt

announce it, it will be just a guess.

I'm very satisfied with it. There's also a Greatest Flix 1 in Brazil, but

since Q.P. already announced an official release of that in October

(if they don't decide to delay it by that time...), I dont think I'll buy that

one and wait for the official release.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying here that you should buy this DVD, I'm merely

giving info about it, but if you *are* thinking about it, all I can say

is that you wont be disappointed :-)

Submitted by: proton

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