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Added on 16-Jul-2009

Brian May, Queen's lead guitarist, wrote on his Web site that Jackson and Freddie Mercury recorded a couple of tracks together at Jackson's house in the mid-'80s. (Mercury died in 1991.)

"Amusingly, after Freddie and Michael had spent some time together recording, Freddie came back and played us the work in progress, and he remarked that Michael had come up with a great album title ... BAD," May wrote. "A little later, Freddie smiled his wicked little conspiratorial smile, and said ... 'I have a perfect idea for our album title -- you may love it or hate it ... but think about it ... we can call it ... wait for it ... GOOD!'"

Those tracks, May said, "have never seen the light of day," though a purported song of the two has made the rounds on YouTube.

May responded to the "music thieves" but never gave a clear-cut answer as to whether the song was indeed a Mercury-Jackson finished collaboration.

"Well, there is much to be said about these 'leaked' tracks, but I'm not going to get into it right now," May wrote.

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