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Added on 14-Sep-2004

Queen gives an amazing performance in VegasWe Will Rock You had its official premiere on September 8 to a celebrity-filled packed house. While there, I ran into Eric Idle from Monty Python, Robin Leach, Chris Robinson, Roy Thomas Baker among others. Most importantly, I ran into Brian May, who spent the night of Tuesday, Sep. 7 hanging out with me and a few others from the Queen fanclub. Brian hung out at Le Cage, a rather small bar in the lobby of the Paris hotel, right across from the WWRY store. I was amazed that he had the time to hang out with us guys - nearly 6 hours! Queen performed the next night on the third floor of Paris, which takes you outside to a magnificent outdoor area. The stage was set up beside the massive 1/2 scale replica of the Eiffel tower. Roger and Brian came out on stage shortly after the after-party began. Getting front row wasn't hard, as long as you were persistant - elbowing through celebrities and weaving through tables was quite a chore. It was an amazing night and Queen seemed to be in wonderful spirits. Their energy was absolutely amazing.

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