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Added on 04-Sep-2002

It's not a very nice mention, but the We Will Rock You musical has finally been mentioned in the New York Times. The paper boasts a cast picture in the prind edition. In the "Critic's Notebook" of Arts Section (Wednesday, September 4), the U.S.'s Paper of Record's theater critic, Ben Brantley, mentions the musical, as well as several others, in his article "London Stage, a Social Mirror."

Evidently, "We Will Rock You" is escapism. And who of us would have guess?

"Yearning for an alternative universe in which the evil and corrupt who rule society are dispatched to the rhythms of an upbeat orchestra?" Brantley asks.

He recommends either "We Will Rock You" or "Bombay Dreams."

The full story can be found at:

... a full quote from the story, about 20 paragraphs down:

"The young are also in jeopardy in "We Will Rock You," set in 2302 in a computer-controlled world in which rock 'n' roll is illegal. Music, of course, will out in this sci-fi fable, directed by Christopher Renshaw from a book by the best-selling novelist Ben Elton. The jokey, reference-laden story line brings to mind a Saturday morning cartoon show.

The plot is basically an excuse to feature Queen standards like "Killer Queen" and "Bohemian Rhapsody," which are sung vigorously by a mostly young cast to a mostly middle-aged audience. ("Mamma Mia!" has a lot to answer for.)

At one point, the nerdy maverick of a hero announces: "I don't want to program music. I want to make my own music." No one has the heart to inform him that he's in the wrong show.

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