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Added on 04-Aug-2009

Have you ever sang along into your hair brush, pretending to be Freddie Mercury? Did you ever want to just jam with the band? Well, then you should check out Singstar: Queen Edition!

Just like all the other Singstar games, nothing in this game changes, save for new songs and videos. If you're quite content with the current layout of the Singstar games, then you won't mind that factor. Sometimes, it's okay to leave things with the same structure and just change up the elements!

Same as the other Singstar games, you will access a menu of different album covers from which you can pick the tune you would like to sing. The video will then come on and the lyrics will be underneath. The colored bars will fill up as you sing along and the length of the bars will let you know how long to hold the notes for, or how high or low to go. Their scaling method isn't exactly precise but it does help you figure out generally which notes to go higher or lower on.

If you do not already have the microphones to plug into the Playstation 2, then you will need to acquire them since this is a stand-alone game that does not come with the microphones. The Singstar franchise is now sticking to releasing more stand-alone games, which is just fine if you already have the microphones. This way you don't have to worry about having to buy them each time and having all this extra equipment taking up space that you'll never use. Plus, the games are cheaper without the extras!

The songs in this collection are quite solid and encompass a good deal of Queen's greatest hits collection. It would have been nice to see "Radio Ga-Ga" or maybe even "Body Language" in there, but this is not a bad selection otherwise.

You will get the full-length videos, with lyrics, to the below songs:

-Another One Bites the Dust

-Bohemian Rhapsody


-Crazy Little Thing Called Love

-Don't Stop Me Now

-Fat-Bottomed Girls

-I Want It All

-I Want to Break Free


-One Vision

-Play the Game

-Save Me

-Somebody to Love

-These Are the Days of Our Lives

-Tie Your Mother Down

-Under Pressure

-We Are the Champions

-We Will Rock You

-Who Wants to Live Forever?

-You're My Best Friend

If you're a Queen fan, a Playstation 2 fan, and a Karaoke fan, or even just one of the above, consider trying out this game. Singstar games are a lot of fun and now that they are tailoring the games to be more band-oriented, you can more easily choose a game that you know you will enjoy, instead of a compilation where you like three of the songs and the rest are just terrible. Go ahead, give it a shot!

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