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    7/3/2005 8:40:00 PM
    Not much to say, except a HUGE thanx to Bob Geldof and all of the performers for making that day possible! Those leaders can't say no with all of that pressure put on them! I would also like to say that my favorite performances that day were Paul McCartney and Bono (and I'm pretty sure the rest of U2?) singing Sergeant Pepper's, Green Day singing We Are The Champions and PINK FLOYD! It was totally awesome that they reunited for this! 25 years, was it? Amazing....
    7/1/2005 10:41:00 AM
    Oooh...yeh, so this is my first ever blog...sad, huh? Well, I had to start somewhere. ^.^ So basically, I'm a young Queen fan (started obssessing when I got GH1 this Xmas) but I feel I know a great deal about them, enough to answer some questions, anyway....

Favorite band member:Freddie Mercury

Favorite Album:The Works

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