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Occupation: Professional musician
Location: United States
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Favorite band member:Freddie Mercury

Favorite Album:The Miracle

Queen fan since:1992, The day of the Freddie Mercury Tribute

I became a Queen fan because:I was watching TV one day when I was 11 here in America shortly after freddie had passed, and there was a documentary hosted by Axl Rose on called "Days Of Our Lives". I happened to catch the tail end when they were showing that moment on the "These are the days" video with Freddie looking gaunt/haggard saying "I still love you". I got very sad and extremely intrigued by this man..

From then on I then started really learning about them, getting their greatest hits albums, and from age 12 to 15 I was COMPLETELY enamored with them, obsessed..! I refused to listen to anything else. I was star struck! Anytime a song was on the radio, I'd go crazy from it and when they were mentioned anywhere I'd get completely giddy. I would go to record stores and STARE at the CD covers on the shelves..

I'm still just as big of a fan now than I ever was, and it's the only band I can go back to and still connect with the music JUST as much as I did in the beginning at 30 years old!

My favorite Queen item I own:You know, that was hard to choose my favorite album/member.. but I had to.. lol

My favorite is the BBC "Queen for a day" CD interview disc. I love that thing.. listen to it ALL the time. ;o)

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