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Location: United Kingdom
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Activities: Photography, cycling, design, beer

Interests Photography, cycling, design, beer

Favorite music: Queen, Bowie, Marillion, heavy dub reggae, The Clash, Rolling Stones

Favorite movies:From Russia With Love, Planet Of The Apes, LOTR Trilogy, Shrek

Favorite TV shows: Coronation St, NYPD Blue, The Simpsons

Favorite books: Tolkien, Ian Fleming, Harry Potter

Favorite quotes: "Better out than in, I always say" "No information is useless"


Favorite band member:

Favorite Album:Queen II

Queen fan since:1974

I became a Queen fan because:Seven Seas Of Rhye. I bought Queen II, the second album I ever bought after Aladdin Sane, and to this day it remains my favourite album of all time

My favorite Queen item I own:A photo of Queen on stage at Hyde Park in 1976, autographed by Brian May

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