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About me:



Favorite music: rock and the roll

Favorite movies:

Favorite TV shows:

Favorite books: david lee roth - crazy from the heat

Favorite quotes: fat or small,thick or thin, vasaline will get it in


Favorite band member:Brian May

Favorite Album:Sheer Heart Attack

Queen fan since:1989

I became a Queen fan because:I remember hearing the Miracle that a girl kate brought into primary school class back in late 89/ early 90. I didnt know who it was at the time. I rememebr hearing about Freddies death, and my parents brought me greatest hits 2 on a CD (my first) and i had to wait weeks to play it, i fell for Headlong right away and my interest grew from there,though being a fan wasnt easy in the early 90s as rememebr a bunch of older girls saw me down the street in my queen t shirt and was called a fag...

My favorite Queen item I own:I have 3 - Brian May replica guitar (Stars - japan copy)

2 - White vinyl Made in Heaven

3 - 1985 Concert stub from Auckland NZ.

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