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Occupation: Principal Systems Engineer
Location: United Kingdom Originally from Cardiff now living in Swindon.
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    6/30/2005 11:00:00 AM
    Hi Folks, Back again already... Just testing to see if I can update my blog from my mobile. Just means I will be able to post from anyhere. If this appears then it works...........
    6/30/2005 10:43:00 AM
    Hi, DragonOnMyBack Here............... Thought I would start a blog, welcome, not sure how long it will last but here goes....... Looking forward to the weekend and next week. After seeing Queen 5 times already on Tour this year (Brixton,Prague,Birmingham,Cardiff and Wembley) next week see's my last chance to see them Live in 05....

Favorite band member:Roger Taylor

Favorite Album:A Night at the Opera

Queen fan since:Listening to The Miracle while revising for exams

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