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Occupation: Aspiring Rockstar :D
Location: Pakistan Lahore,Punjab
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Favorite music: QUEEN,QUEEN,QUEEN, AND MORE QUEEN!i like led zepp, guns n roses, pink floyd and aerosmith alot too, but queen is all i listen to usually.

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Favorite quotes: 'I always knew i was a star,and now the whole world seems to agree with me.'Freddie Mercury


Favorite band member:Brian May

Favorite Album:Queen II

Queen fan since:when i was 13

I became a Queen fan because:nothing, i started off with their hits.But then i started exploring their early stuff via limewire :D.I cried when i heard White Queen(as it began) for the first time it totally turned me into the fan, thirsty for more songs and bootlegs

My favorite Queen item I own:a lovely poster promoting their first concert in the US on 16th april 1974 at the regis college denver,colorado

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