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    9/7/2006 6:16:00 PM
    8/20/2006 6:10:00 PM
    EVE OF DESTRUCTION Words by Miss MamaKin of QueenZone Music soon (or not too soon) to come The writings on the wallsAre a sure enough signThe time of unrest is nearThe Man, he stands tallLeader of a conformist nationWhich we call "home"We're just a-waitin' to be calledTo do our crucial partIn the elaborate schemeTo bring down the establishmentThe sound of smashin' glass,The hazy black smokeThe taste of rebelion upon our lips,It's the rebel's heroinWe ain't gonna take itGonna shake itDon't have to break itBut we'll break it anyways-Chorus-We've started a battleWe're fightin' a warAgainst a conformist societyAnd it all goes downExactly as plannedOn the eveOf destructionBurnin' down the playgroundsTearin' down the schoolsAnger, rage n' angstRemain our fuelWe take great prideIn what we doKnockin' down the manAnd his cronies, tooPolice sirens wailAnd we flee into the night-Chorus-And it all went downOn the eve....
    3/11/2006 10:12:00 AM
    I have been to Worcester last night, and let me tell you: IT. WAS. FUCKING. GREAT. I was screaming for Brian so much, my throat hurts. Ha ha ha. I will never forget that amazing night. *cough* Ow, my throat really kills....
My hero and my baby. <3
My hero and my baby. <3

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