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Occupation: Student
Location: Argentina
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About me: I´m just who I am.

Activities: Maths, science, music, technology, software, programming, knwoledge.

Interests Music and informatics.

Favorite music: Classical, Rock.

Favorite movies:The Secret in Their Eyes, Network.

Favorite TV shows: House, Breaking Bad.

Favorite books: 100 Años de Soledad, Agatha Christie ones, Sherlock Holmes.

Favorite quotes: "We´re stars which took conscience of their existance to decide their own destiny." Carl Sagan


Favorite band member:Freddie Mercury

Favorite Album:Queen II

Queen fan since:I became a Queen fan as an adolescent.

I became a Queen fan because:I was amazed by the perfection and fresh style of their melodies.

My favorite Queen item I own:Live at the Rainbow DVD and Greatest Flix I and II.

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