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Occupation: keyholder/cashier at amusement arcade
Location: United Kingdom Nottinghamshire
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About me: Work in an amusement arcade.


Interests Queen. Gaming.

Favorite music: Queen. What more do you need?

Favorite movies:Groundhog Day, Lost In Translation, Ghostbusters, Lucky Number Sleven, Lost Boys, Goonies, Stand By Me

Favorite TV shows:

Favorite books:

Favorite quotes: The bigger the better. In everything.


Favorite band member:Freddie Mercury

Favorite Album:Sheer Heart Attack

Queen fan since:1999

I became a Queen fan because:My brother bought the Made In Heaven album...i remember sitting their listening to it with him in his bedroom, whilst flicking through the Greatest Hits II album booklet...Freddie immediately caught my eye, i thought he was so cute lol! And their music stunned me, it was amazing...this was the first time i had heard Queen when my brother brought that album. After that, i was hooked.

My favorite Queen item I own:Well, it's not actually Queen as such, it's the huge boxset of Freddie's solo stuff. It's basically a huge book, containing lots of gorgeous Freddie pictures and has every single one of his solo albums, singles and dvd's inside it.

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