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Location: Germany saxonia
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About me: *16-year-old girl *dark brown hair *1.72 m tall

Activities: - music school "Fröhlich"

Interests *drums!! :P *animals *books *art *friends :) (specially my boys :P)

Favorite music: *Queen!!!!!! *Metallica *AC/DC

Favorite movies:*Hannibal Lecter *Some kind of monster *The return of the champions *Queen on Fire - Live at the bowl *Queen Rock Montreal

Favorite TV shows: *Dr. House *CSI Miami

Favorite books: *Classic Queen *Freddie Mercury - Life in his own words *Metallica talking *Dead Zone *Cujo

Favorite quotes:

70´s heartbreaker
70´s heartbreaker
70´s heartbreaker
70´s heartbreaker
my horse :)
my horse :)

Favorite band member:Roger Taylor

Favorite Album:A Night at the Opera

Queen fan since:three years ago :)

I became a Queen fan because:Three years from now I heard "Bohemian Rhapsody" the first time... and I thought "WOW"!!! :D I had to find out more about this band

My favorite Queen item I own:My Queen books and DVD´s

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