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Favorite Album:Sheer Heart Attack

Queen fan since:1986

I became a Queen fan because:sheer coincidence. being 11 years of age and just having bought a stereoset with cd-player i had like 10 guilders left for cd's. the best looking (but probably more importantly, double cd; so double the value!) in our local (small town) recordstore was 'live killers'. i must have driven my parents crazy with playing brighton rock over and over and over on that crappy hifiset. after that greatest hits 1 and then the quickly the entire backcatalogue, singles, lp's, cd's, vhs, 8-track and finally bootlegs (first on tape, then on cd/cdrom).

My favorite Queen item I own:must be a casette with a incomplete recording of the gig at the marquee in 1972. not very special indeed, but one of the first tape i swapped. when i did away with all the tapes after having replaced all with flac/mp3 this was the one i kept.

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