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Freddie ?
Freddie ?

Favorite band member:Freddie Mercury

Favorite Album:A Kind of Magic

Queen fan since:He is listening to of 5 years

I became a Queen fan because:I remember it exactly. One day my mom was on the computer and gave there a youtube verca said'' come here'' will show you something so I came and she released the song A Kind Of Magic by Queen. Even when I just heard the first thing I thought'' It's beautiful and Freddie is good'' I got terribly interesting and the whole group, and so it began, I totally crazy to Queen ?

My favorite Queen item I own:I do not own anything from Queen what they had, but I have calendars, books, CDs, cell phone full of their songs a lot of photos, but something that I have owned and it is a pity very long for Freddie yellow vest he had at Wembley or Roger's glasses and everything .. what they held

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