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    5/4/2006 6:31:00 AM
    Recently (well, today) I've begun worrying that I am looking older than I am. I caught a bus to Gala and the driver wasn't sure I was under sixteen, but he let me on for half fare anyway. Then, in the bank, the cashier lady asked what I was doing today....
    4/28/2006 5:31:00 PM
    DETERMINATION Starring Roger Taylor as John Deacon and John Deacon as Roger Taylor “Dropped?” John couldn’t believe his luck. He stared in dismay at the team sheet, reading it over and over in case he had missed his name. He turned to the coach. “Why am I not in the team?” he asked him....
    4/25/2006 1:27:00 PM
    Do you know those days where you just feel like your whole life is shit, you're going nowhere and things can't get any worse, even if they tried? I call those week days. Seriously, things just seem really shit. I dunno why I'm doing this today, no reason, it's not a sudden thing....
    4/18/2006 1:56:00 PM
    THANK GOD IT WAS ONLY A NINE-HOLER Right, so I haven't updated my blog in ages, but I'm doing it now, OK? Now, last week I went to play golf with my dad. Somehow we picked one of only six days out of the year in Scotland where it doesn't rain. But it had been raining the night before and the course was waterlogged....
    2/20/2006 1:15:00 PM
    THE WINDOW BETWEEN THE WORLDS   Chapter I   Bethany ran and ran and ran. She kept on running until she found a dead end. She turned to go back, but the wolves were too close to escape. She tried desperately to climb the brick wall, but it was no use....
    1/11/2006 3:39:00 PM
    WOMEN MIGHT NOT UNDERSTAND THIS, AND SO SHOULDN'T WASTE THEIR TIME READING IT   I'm sure most of the guys reading this post have been into a public toilet and seen a bucket (normally black plastic) under one leaky urinal to catch drips from the piping (so they say)....
    1/4/2006 1:10:00 PM
      WHAT IS UP WITH THE SANDWICH THINGY?   Here is a true story about a sandwich: I was in Tesco and I saw a sandwich. A cheese and onion sandwich, my favourite kind. It was reduced from 99p to 60p and I thought I would buy it. So I picked it up and went to the ten items or less counter and then this woman with a huge basket full of stuff pushes in in front of me....

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