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    9/11/2006 5:59:00 PM
    Okay Darlings. For chapter seven, I will need ideas! This is where you can fill in with ideas and sugestions as to how the story can end up or what should happen for the chapter so I know where to go from here. Thanks.   Chapter Seven Chapter Seven At the Beach                 The next couple days of my vacation were spent at Anahita’s home....
    9/11/2006 5:52:00 PM
    Chapter Six My Third Wish   night, I had several pleasant dreams of Freddie. One was of us being in the studio with Brian Roger and John. Another was of Freddie, kissing me lightly on the mouth, and whispering softly,  “Come to me darling....
    9/11/2006 5:44:00 PM
    Chapter Five It All Start At the Piano               Once inside, we ate our food and talked of our piano lessons.  “I took piano lessons at “Panchgani.”, Freddie remarked.  “Everyone told me I played very well....
    9/11/2006 5:26:00 PM
    Chapter Four   A Special Evening        Freddie felt terrible about the incident. He couldn’t stop talking about it. Finally, he told everyone that he had to go home and rest. Anahita said to him,  “Freddie,  she’s not upset at you....
    9/11/2006 4:32:00 PM
    Chapter 3   Meeting Freddie               The plane ride was very tiring. I slept most of the way there. Of course, the stuartess came over to offer drinks and food, which I readily accepted, but I fell asleep some more....
    9/11/2006 4:25:00 PM
          Chapter 2   This Isn’t Happening! Is it? The next few days were spent working. I worked as a receptionist for a firm called” Starlight academy. I’ve gotten good compliments about my typing skills and phone voice....
    9/10/2006 11:35:00 PM
    Chapter        Birthday Surprise   My birthday was coming up in a few more days and I couldn’t wait! My mom asked what kind of cake I wanted, and I made a list of all the presents I desired. However, there was one thing I forgot to add to this extensive list of items....

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