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Favorite band member:Brian May

Favorite Album:Greatest Hits 2

Queen fan since:3 years and still going strongggg :)

I became a Queen fan because:me and my friend were watching Queen: Greatest Video Hits #1 at her house. it was amazing! i loved it! as soon as i left her house, i asked if i can borrow it. she said no :( she said that i can look up their videos on Youtube and thats what i did. that was 3 years ago! im still and will always be their #1 fan!

and also, freddie as this amazing voice that i can pick out from anywhere. brian is an amazing guitarist, one of a kind, the BEST EVER! he is a GOD! john is an amazing bass gutiarist, he makes the songs more interesting. and finally, roger, he is the best drummer ever! they will NEVER be replaced. i will forever lover them!

My favorite Queen item I own:Live at Wembley '86 DVD and a Queen book.

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