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Occupation: Musician
Location: Mexico Tijuana
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About me:

Activities: Playing/Listening to music. Surfing the Web. Drinking Coffee.

Interests Queen, of course. But I also have a soft spot for technology.

Favorite music: Queen, Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Who, Beach Boys, Bowie, Wings.

Favorite movies:Exorcist.

Favorite TV shows: Classic Albums.

Favorite books: Dark Tower saga.

Favorite quotes:


Favorite band member:Freddie Mercury

Favorite Album:Queen II

Queen fan since:1990

I became a Queen fan because:I snatched some old dusty records I found on a shelf at home (ANATO, ADATR, Killer Queen '45) which used to belong to my uncle. They were playable albeit scratched. He later gave me a cassette of GH as a present and told me stories of how he'd found out about the band in the 70's. I was hooked, began collecting every album up to innuendo and here I am.

My favorite Queen item I own:An old vhs bootleg of the Hammersmith '75 gig I bought back in 92. I played it to death.

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