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Activities: Spending time with my kids Working for the One Vision Freddie Mercury London Memorial Project Admin for Freddie Friends group on Facebook Traveling for Queen-related events

Interests Meeting tons of Queenie fans & making friends all over the world

Favorite music: QUEEN (Duhhhhhhh) .....and many other bands that I cba to type out now. QUEEN is the most important!!

Favorite movies:The Princess Bride

Favorite TV shows:

Favorite books:

Favorite quotes:


Favorite band member:Freddie Mercury

Favorite Album:The Works

Queen fan since:I've been a Queen fan since I was a little girl

I became a Queen fan because:My mother listened to Queen often. And from the first time I recall hearing Freddie's voice, I loved it. I was hooked!

My favorite Queen item I own:I actually own a piece of the hat Freddie wore for his famous hat birthday party! The hat was made by Diana Moseley. I won it in Montreux when Diana asked a trivia question about the hat during her seminar (2011)
It is the only thing I have that actually touched Freddie. And I'll never part with it

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