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    9/18/2008 3:50:00 PM
    Alright guys! Recently, I've heard that the human race is doomed of stupidity (maybe you've heard from the Fun Corner on Brian May's website.) And you know what? I think it's true!! For those who haven't read it, here are some of his thoughts on why the human race will eventually drown in their own moronic ways: 1....
    8/23/2008 10:42:00 PM
    I stopped by Mountain Aire, this awesome in a crappy way record store, and you'll never guess what they had!! A Day at the Races on vinyl, mint condition. It really makes me wish I had a turntable, or else I would be jamming right now. And that's not all! Within the past month or so, they've had Live Killers, Jazz, and the Game, all on vinyl....
    8/23/2008 8:25:00 PM
    Hello, citizens of the interwebs. Welcome to the first epic entry of what seems to be completely pointless. Although I'm pretty sure no one will read these, I'm making this just because I had a thought a a second ago. I was thinking: "Hey, why not make a blog just for the hell of it?" And then I came here....

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