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    3/11/2006 8:23:00 AM
    I've just made a forum. Please check it out and join. It should be really good when I get some members in it. Also I'm looking for some mods. First come first serve. Anyhoo the address is http://queenofinnuendo.proboards54.com/index.cgi and is also in my signiture, so....
    3/10/2006 2:38:00 PM
    I GOT AN "A" WOO! AND A "B" WOO!I GOT AN "A" WOO! AND A "B" WOO!I GOT AN "A" WOO! AND A "B" WOO!I GOT AN "A" WOO! AND A "B" WOO!I GOT AN "A" WOO! AND A "B" WOO! Yep, today was results day and they were the fabulous results I got today. I'm in a very good mood! Also bought "Hot Space" and "News of the World" (album not newspaper) as a sort of "well done me"....
    3/5/2006 1:20:00 PM
    Hi, see not forgotten about my blog, just been a bit preoccupied... So I had to do a presentation and Q&A at a meeting thing about why Wakefield is good. It was really hard to think of reasons why I wanted to show them the photos I'd picked. And it was even harder to tell them why I like Wakefield, maily cos I don't but then I couldn't think why I don't like it other than I see it everyday and there isn't anything to do....
    2/18/2006 12:01:00 PM
    Happy first I guess. Last Saturday I went to Collectormania in Manchester. It's a convention type event. So that was really fun. I had to get up at half-five though. Caught a train at about 7:20 qhich was early! Yes you read right it was early! Never had that happen before....
    2/1/2006 2:42:00 PM
    Got my brace yesturday. For people who haven't had one fitted then I'll go through what for me the worst part was, for those of you who have well then I'll go throw what I thought was the worst part and see if you agree. Well to stop you from needing to swollow and stuff they have to use that thing that keeps your mouth from getting moist....
    1/27/2006 2:43:00 PM
    Wonderful news. I can eat again! WOO HOO! Only slowly, and only small things but it's better than yesturday. At least I don't wince everytime a piece of food touches my teeth. Yeah I know kind of pathetic aren't I? Not my fault I have a low pain barrier and a tendancey to over dramatise everything....
    1/25/2006 2:07:00 PM
    I CAN'T EAT!!! NOOOOOO! THINK OF ALL THAT POOR CHOCOLATE THAT I HAVE IN MY CUBBOARD THAT IS JUST GOING TO WASTE! Well today I had an appointment at the hospital to see the orthadentist. They fitted me with some ring things on my back teeth to make a gap for were the proper brace will fit....
    1/22/2006 9:24:00 AM
    I thought that seeing as topics on this forum sometimes get forgotten about after they aren't used for a while that I'd put my trading list up here. I prefer to send files via the internet, however if you really must have it through the post then that's ok....
    1/21/2006 12:11:00 PM
    Harry Hill TV Burp starts today!! YAY! I love Harry Hill he's so wacky! Starts in like 15 minutes so I'm writing this then rushing off to watch it. But what's this got to do with hamsters? I don't hear you cry. Well absoloutly nothing.  I cleaned my hamster Evie out today and well I know to anyone who doesn't know me that's not a big deal but people who do know me will know that Evie is usually really evil to anyone who breathes near her....
    1/20/2006 2:42:00 PM
    Went through the exam paper yesturday to see if we'd wrote the right stuff. Well no. It looks like I haven't wrote anything that we got told would be a fab answer! What am I going to do now? 3 pages of absolute pissballsy rubbish! I mean I came out of there feeling confident that I'd done ok but noooo now I feel like poo....

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