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Occupation: Student
Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Activities: Singing listening to music


Favorite music: Rock heavy metal

Favorite movies:The Phantom Of The Opera Twilight series Titanic

Favorite TV shows: Simpsons Doctor Who

Favorite books:

Favorite quotes:


Favorite band member:Freddie Mercury

Favorite Album:

Queen fan since:When i was 3 years old

I became a Queen fan because:Listening to the music when i was 6, then when i was 7 i looked up a bit about every member.
This year when we did the Bronze Awards,we had to pick our Hero/Heroin and i didn't know who to pick but then i thought,Queen their my favorite band i love them so why not pick someone from Queen.But then i thought which member and then i thought over night and i said to my mum Freddie,Freddie Mercury. I read more into Freddie's background and what he did it was amazing, i could of picked Michael Jackson or Tim Burton but i picked Freddie and doing that brought me closer to Queen and made me listen to them more and more. If i have children i will make sure the first band they listen to is Queen.

My favorite Queen item I own:Everything from my t-shirts to my Cd's and Dvd's

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