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    2/27/2008 2:31:00 PM
    I'm tired of snow days. It's cold. My friends were trying to wake me up to get me to come outside...They were throwing snowballs at my window. It broke. D: It was pretty bad... But luckily, it was double-paned or whatever and just the one facing the outside broke....
    2/23/2008 10:21:00 PM
    Is the shit. I love that movie. I had a funny Borat-inspired encounter today. ME: Hello gypsy, nice buttons on your jacket. GYPSY BOY: Thank you. ME: How many did you kill for them? GYPSY BOY: Many. I ate them. (He was a little strange....
    2/21/2008 3:01:00 PM
    I drew him... It looks better in person, but ohs well... <Original... <Yeh. It's not as good as I wanted it to be....
    2/17/2008 10:21:00 PM
    I AM BOARD. Jeremy kissed me Friday on the LIPZ. I almost beat Guitar Hero. My wrists are sore. I love you all. Peace. P.S. No. Jeremy had no lard on his lips. He kissed ME. Not you....
    2/10/2008 10:01:00 PM
    I'm on the bottom! YESSSS! xD So yeah, I am pretty much abandoning this nigga. :P Caz I hate my life and I don't really feel like blogging it. SO SUCK IT. Peace....
    2/2/2008 11:10:00 PM
    Mhm. I think he saw his that means winter? Alright then. Bye....
    1/28/2008 6:45:00 PM
    I saw the Phantom of the Opera. Hahaha. It was very good. :D And I also so Movin' Out. But it sort of sucked, a lot. It was just some balding fat man playing the piano and singing Billy Joel while all these little skinny happy young people danced. xD I don't like Billy Joel....
    1/21/2008 5:23:00 PM
    Ugh. Winter sucks. It's so damn cold. xD Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And...I've sort of become obsessed with the song Criminal by Fiona Apple. :S I don't really know why...but I really really love it. Give it a listen. Also, I'm hoping it will snow tonight because I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow and I have two large tests....
    1/18/2008 11:18:00 PM
    Hello. How are you all? I'd like to say I thoroughly agree with Vishni on the subject of her last blog. :) And my eyes hurt. My friends and their boyfriends are breaking up, and they're all coming to me...OH KAYLEE, WHY WAS I SO DUMB? Ugh. I warned them....
    1/13/2008 3:57:00 PM
    Juno is the best movieeeeeee! Ah saw it yesterday. It was so good. I reccommend it very much. It's not like all sad and depressing at any time. It's very funny. And I just got done wif a great book...The House of the Scorpion. It's REAL GOOD also. It's science fiction, it's about clones and such....

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