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    1/26/2006 1:53:00 AM
    I don't want to go back to school... it seriously depresses me. I feel like I'm going to prison or something. I have a really bad case of the flu and it's driving me crazy.  I got it when I went to my boyfriend's house and it feels like its getting worse since I have come home....
    1/20/2006 4:22:00 AM
    Crimany, I can not sleep for the life of me. Here's the deal, I'm home and I can't stand it...and in a week I have to return to Wellesley. Of course I also have the impending doom of my mother finding out about my grades. boo. I have poor grades, which means I have to pay money....
    11/30/2005 2:19:00 AM
    watashi wa genki.... Okay, so I've been on a big Totoro kick lately, and I haven't really been genki. I found employment for after school (wow, 3 and a half years into the future :P) and I actually conned my way out of an economics midterm that i had no chance on :-3  (well, not really, I just think the teacher  wanted to forget about it)....
    11/9/2005 1:01:00 AM
    ???????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????? ?????????????????????????)????? BLAH! ??????????????? ??????????????????????....
    10/25/2005 1:03:00 AM
    mew...im so tired of being the ugly friendless loser....
    10/24/2005 8:40:00 PM
    music: Dir en Grey- Gyakujou tannou keloid milk I had a fever today and speant a good part of my day in bed. I had a wicked head ache and have eaten a TON of food.  I actually managed to make it to my Japanese Film class where we began our section on Throne of Blood/Cobweb Castle....
    10/21/2005 12:32:00 AM
    Goodness gracious me, I have found as I am stranded here, in the most convent of locatins, I have become more bitter, jaded, morbid, spiteful and malicious. It provides for the greatest entertainment. I rarely go out and there are like NO weirdos here....
    9/25/2005 7:20:00 PM
    i hate it when people try to negate other peoples' opinions....
    8/19/2005 4:45:00 AM
    I did two of the most beautiful backbends ever tonight. I do my solo tomorrow, I'm kind of confident social facilitation will come into play and ill kick ass.. but mom says I look rushed. I have to fix my costume up as Im losing shisha mirrors and cowrie shells :-/  Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day I think, I have to wake up, shower, pretty myself, attach my tassle to my bra, sew things onto my veil so I know where to grab it, choose how Im going to do my eye make up (and practice it!) for the performance, and go to san jose to check my work schedule and pick up my paycheck (if I even have one)....
    8/16/2005 3:59:00 AM
    Today I got a laptop :-3 it's light and new and has a long battery life! yay. Mom thinks it sucks :P well I won't get it until Wednesday because my school requires that I get XP professional on it. Now I just have to buy my juicy couture messenger bag for my school stuff ^_^  It'll be perfect for biking through suburban boston....

Favorite band member:Freddie Mercury

Favorite Album:A Day At The Races

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